Light Duty Wheel Bearings

Kendale Industries’ light- to medium-duty wheel bearings are an economical and durable option suitable for a wide range of conveyor systems and other low-RPM applications. Our various models can support 21 to 58 lbs. of sustained dynamic load, using 11 to2overview_I-J-K-L_4923 13 of our hardened carbon steel balls. Each bearing has a burnished, heat-hardened ball track with a machined inner race. These bearings’ exteriors are galvanized to prevent corrosion. Most models also have a labyrinth construction, which prevents dirt intrusion and retains lubrication to minimize wear. All of these features ensure that our unground bearings will have a long life and require minimal maintenance in any application where they’re used.

These light- to medium-duty wheel bearings are available in many configurations, including:

  • Round or hex bores
  • .689”, .908”, 1.127”, 1.377”, or 1.382” O.D.
  • Standard or narrow body
  • Bore sizes from .250” to .511”

While the internal design and load capacity of these wheel bearings are fixed, we can customize the bore size, front extension, and rear extension to suit your applications. Since our bearing company is an ISO 9001-certified bearing manufacturer that produces our bearings entirely within the U.S.A., you can rest assured you’ll always receive high-quality products when you purchase bearings from us. Kendale Industries is also able to offer more effective customer service, with representatives who can address any issues you have quickly, even outside of normal business hours. We can also provide lower shipping costs and shorter lead times thanks to our proximity, delivering your unground bearings in just weeks rather than months.

For more information on our light- to medium-duty wheel bearings, or any of our other products, such as conveyor roller bearings, heavy-duty roller bearings, and skate wheel bearings, contact us today. We proudly serve businesses in Little Rock, AR; Lincoln, NB; Nashville, TN; Jackson, MS; and all other cities nationwide, because America rolls on quality bearings made in the U.S.A. by Kendale Industries.